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One year ago, Danny Alexander launched the Lib Dem Campaign for Manufacturing at Brighton. At the Spring Conference in March, the motion ‘Creating a Strong Manufacturing Sector in a Strong Economy’ was passed. This autumn in Glasgow, the debate is turning towards how we build a sustainable long term economic recovery.
If you’re at Conference, you might want to look out for:

Saturday 20.15. SECC, Boisdale 2. Centre Forum and the SLF present ‘Green Industrial Policy: a Contradiction in Terms?’ Hopefully an opportunity for some of the speakers to demonstrate the strong link between UK manufacturing and green growth.

Sunday 10.20 Conference Debate on Green Growth and Green Jobs. We won’t achieve our target of a zero carbon Britain without substantial research, product development and investment in new technologies like off-shore wind and tidal. The structures put in place by Vince Cable at BIS are providing the framework for this development. For example, the Industrial Strategy for Offshore Wind and for Nuclear, and the Catapult project in Glasgow for Offshore Renewable Energy which is concentrating on tidal technology.

Sunday 13.30. Glasgow Science Centre, Clyde Suite. New Statesman and the Energy Networks Association. ‘Selling low carbon policy to a sceptical Britain’. This event with Stephen Gilbert MP (PPS to Ed Davy) may shed some light on what the energy network will look like as the energy mix changes.

Sunday 20.00. SECC, Dochart 2. Liberal Reform publication launch: ‘The Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade ahead.’ With a foreward by Nick Clegg, this collection of 20 essays should be on the reading list of everyone interested in the ideas being talked about for the future. As a double bill, Mike Thornton will talk on his first 6 months in Parliament. His first speech to Conference was on manufacturing!

Monday 12.30. Conference Speech by Vince Cable. Many of the measures to re-balance the British economy just wouldn’t be happening without Vince.

Monday 19.00. Glasgow Science Centre, Science Show Theatre. New Statesman and the Federation of Small Business. David Laws MP in conversation. Could be interesting to hear the thinking on how the Lib Dems will encourage small businesses to grow, and to see whether the 100% capital allowance is making a difference to small business investment.

Monday 20.15. Crowne Plaza, Shuna. Science Council and others: ‘Innovation Nation: the future of UK science’. That’s what Britain is good at, so this showcase event should cast some light on what we’re doing, and what we need to do in the future.

Tuesday 18.15. SECC, Katrine. ‘Lib Dem Women and Mining’. Could be an interesting look on how we can encourage women to play a full part in manufacturing. With Tessa Munt MP.

Tuesday 20.00. Crowne Plaza, Staffa. Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists. ‘Turning the Tide’. After the rejection of the Hafren proposals for a Severn Barrage, what now are the options for tidal energy?

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